NCT 127

Newark, NJ – Prudential Center 24.April 2019

This was a great trip. Me and Dree had never been to NYC before, so we took a 2 day trip to NJ where the concert was. The day of, we took the train over to NYC and went to the The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. Then we went to the concert of DAY 1 on the NEO CITY – The Origin USA tour. In addition, NCT 127 is our favorite group AND this was their very first tour. We could not miss it right? We were heading to Seoul the following week so had to see them before we left. The concert was amazing, I am so proud of the boys and how intense, creative and perfect the concert was. I am so glad they were able to bring the jungle gym along with them.

Vancouver, BC – Pacific Coliseum 19.May 2019

Dree and I had just returned from Seoul on Thursday in LA, went to another concert, flew home and then drove to BC to see our boys again. This time, it was their last stop in North America and home to the Canadian member, Mark Lee. We had better seats this time and took Rob along for the trip, we had a great time!

Houston, TX NRG Stadium for the Houston Rodeo, 10.March 2020

This time I went down to Houston to see NCT 127 perform at the Rodeo Concert series. They are the first Kpop group to do so. I went with my son Wylie, and met up with family and some of my KPOP girls that I know from online. They performed 9 songs and killed it. We got to see their new hit “Kick It” performed.