Seoul Day 5

Day 5 – (Tuesday,  May 7th) our fourth full day in Seoul

Woke up early again today, and took a walk in the neighborhood. I took Dree with me this time so I had someone to film me on the exercise equipment at the park! We went to Paul Bassette café which turned out to be amazing! I loved his coffee so much I decided to buy a bag to take home. He won the Barista championships and opened up some cafes in Seoul.

After resting and getting ready back at the apartment, we took the subway to the Royal Tombs. The weather was perfect, the grounds were shady and we saw birds and squirrels, and it was a really nice and relaxing few hours we spent there.

We were going to meet up with our UK friend over at Digital Media City in the afternoon and attend the TV broadcast for The Show, so we snacked on some food in the room and headed out after getting ready.

We spent a few hours going to The Show, and it was really enjoyable to watch. We saw some of our favorite artists and also Jeno (from NCT Dream) as the MC was great, he was about 10-20’ in front of our seats so we saw a lot of him over the taping period. The highlight for tonight was probably seeing Kim Dong Han, since it was his Comeback stage, he performed 2 songs.  Before the show, there was a Rookie group out front giving fan service, “Spectrum”. They were really cute playing around with fans. Tonight one of our favorite groups “The Boyz” won their very first win and we were there… but they weren’t. They flew to Japan after the morning tapings. I did a write up for “How to attend the Show” so take a look if you want to know how.

After we left The Show, the night was still young so we took the subway over to Hongdae to watch the buskers singing and dancing. It was fun, and we went to a Chimaek restaurant for some more Chicken and Beer! We went to Hongdae twice, and i’ll post all the busking on a single page.

That’s all for today.

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