Stray Kids

Pasadena, CA – Unveil Tour @ The Pasadena Civic Center 17. May 2019

We had just arrived back from Seoul the day before, jet lagged and almost slept too late on this day. Phew, so glad we didn’t miss our concert. We planned our trip from Seoul to return for this concert, since they were one of the most anticipated groups we wanted to see. This was their very first US Tour. They did not disappoint!

Phoenix, AZ District 9 Unlock at Comerica Theatre 9.Feb 2020.

This year when Stray Kids announced their tour, we already had SuperM, Seventeen and all sorts of tickets lined up. We decided we would only go see them if we could get P1 / Hightouch. Well, we did.. so off to Phoenix we went. This time we took Rob with us for the trip (but not the concert) since we had never been there before. The concert this time was even better than before, each moment the boys were on stage was so intense. We had a really good view too… i will return to this venue.