Seoul Day 7

Day 7 – (Thursday,  May 9th) our sixth full day in Seoul

Enjoying perfect weather while visiting Changgyeonggung. Also one of my dreams to be part of someone’s mission happened twice! We were the ‘find a foreigner’s for these school kids.

Later that evening we went to Digital Media City again to attend MNET Countdown. Check out my guide on how to attend this music show.

It was quite an experience. Both of the shows we went to this week were in Digital Media City (DMC). This is where all the TV stations are. Its a really cool area, apparently Avengers had a scene filmed there.

Anyway. Tonight’s show was a bit different than the one on Tuesday. We check in, get our wristband, and some swag bags, then they hand us out some portable electric fans from WannaOne. As we are waiting there in the lobby lined up, the group members are walking past, so I was able to get a snip or two of a few of them. Once you go upstairs you are unable to film and they are serious. One girl got thrown out. This time around we were part of the standing audience, so I was 5 feet in front of the stage. In addition to the groups we saw on Tuesday, we saw 3 acts that we love. Eric Nam, Nu’est and The Boyz. I’ve seen Eric before in Seattle and he’s great, Nu’Est was great, but The Boyz was the highlight for us. They have such stage presence and the performance was incredible. They will be one of our must see’s if they come to the US for a concert. We hung out all night with 2 ladies from Australia who go to alot of concerts, and they were so funny. They actually hugged us at the end of the night which was precious. The girls who stood behind me were from Amsterdam and were really cool, and my friend Jo from the Uk came with us. Its amazing that Korean music unites people from around the globe. It was a tiring and exciting night. Definitely something music fans should do while in Seoul.

We finished up the night eating at a restaurant in DMC, I wish i could remember the name, but it was very good.

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